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Flower Crown Workshop

Flower Crown Workshop


23rd April 2017


Who doesn't love a good floral crown? They're so much fun to create, and even more fun to wear. A crown of flowers makes an event, or just a regular day, extra special. Join us for a fun afternoon creating beautiful floral crowns with fresh colorful blooms. 

In this class we'll learn the mechanics of creating crowns including working with wire, and floral tape. There will be instructions for selecting the best types of wearable flowers, along with hands on demonstrations. Each student will have a chance to create their very own crown hands on. You won't want to miss this beautiful and fun afternoon of floral goodness!  

Workshop includes: 

  • Demonstration of basic floral care and preparation. 

  • Demonstration of techniques for creating floral crowns. 

  • Hands on practice creating your very own crown to take home.

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