Wedding Favours

Send gratitude to your guests on your wedding day with meaningful wedding favours — inspired by the beauty of nature and flowers.

Wedding Favours Singapore

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Let us help you create precious moments with flowers and gifts.

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A Love for Flowers

For most couples, the wedding venue decorations consist primarily of flowers, which add splendour and meaning to the occasion. As such, flower-inspired wedding favours go well with almost all themes.

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Flowers for a Cause

As a social enterprise, proceeds from our sales help support various initiatives including our repurposing initiative that endeavours to bring post-wedding flowers to enjoy together with a community group, like Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens. (2)

Working with Your Budget & Timetable

We can work with you in terms of your budget and timing constraints thanks to our low minimum order quantity and quick turnaround time. Talk to us today about your vision for your wedding favours.

Wedding Flowers Singapore

We provide more wedding flower options.

Let us help you create your dream wedding through A Flower Invite, our wedding styling company.

Our Collection

Wedding Door Gift Ideas

With a wide selection of floral-inspired creations to choose from, find the best wedding door gift for your big day.


Mini Preserved Floral Arrangement

They may be small in size, but our  Mini Preserved Bouquets still capture the natural beauty of flowers. 

Because they last longer than fresh flowers and can come in a handy carrier box, your guests can enjoy them for a longer time.

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Custom Floral Tea

Our selection of floral teas is naturally caffeine-free while our series of blooming teas are simply a sight to behold as the bulb unfolds during the steeping process.

Preserved Bouquet Greeting Card

Preserved Bouquet Greeting Card

Send your messages of gratitude and appreciation with a greeting card that features a mini-dried flower bouquet!

With an option to add a personalised message on the card, it’s a heartfelt wedding door gift for friends and family.


Customised Scented Potpourri

Made with dried petals scented with 100% pure essential oils, they can bring a wonderful fragrance to the office or home. 

To make your wedding door gift even more special, let us know your colour palette and scent preferences.


Customised Candles

Studded with dried flowers and scented with 100% pure essential oils, our customised candles do not only look good, but have aromatic benefits as well.

Let’s discuss the candle and label design, container, packaging and scent blend that would go nicely with your wedding theme.


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Flower Bar Stand

Our Dried Flower Bar can be a wonderful activity for your guests as they craft their own arrangements from our selection of dried flowers. This memento of your wedding day can make the occasion extra special.

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