Our Social Initiatives

As a social enterprise floral studio, we strive to make an impact on the community through our projects.

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Flowers with a Cause

Inspired by how flowers bring about joy, we’ve made it our mission to empower and restore — through the therapeutic effect of flowers and nature.

Your purchase helps us fund our various social initiatives  —  from our food distribution to Chin Swee residents, pro bono floral therapy workshops and Handpicked!, our floral repurposing initiative.

Aside from these, we are always on the lookout for new ways and opportunities to reach out to the wider community through the joys that flowers bring.


Pro/ Low Bono Floral Therapy Workshop

Bringing our love of flowers to the community, we hope to show the world the therapeutic effect of flowers.

For several years now, our Floral Therapy Workshops have served many through our partnerships with volunteer-led groups like Be Kind SG, and organisations such as Hush Tea Bar,  APSN, Metta School, HELP FSC, TTSH, and many others. 

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By now you already know just how much we love flowers, but more than that, we believe that the joy and love that flowers bring are for everyone. 

Working daily in our flower shop, we found it such a pity that many of our fresh flowers get disposed of after they have served their purposes, especially during wedding events.

Through the generous volunteer spirits of friends and customers, we were able to find ways to repurpose these flowers —  and thus, Handpicked! was born!

With this social initiative, a group of volunteers would bring post-wedding flowers to enjoy together with a community group such as seniors from the Ling Kwang Home — where our first run took place.  After Handpicked! was launched, the initiative ran once every two months through 2020 at various locations.

After the pandemic restrictions have lifted, we are slowly getting this back in place, contact us if you’re interested!

Community Walk

Hello Chinatown!

Want to discover the hidden communities in Chinatown? We’d very much like all of you to get to experience the Chinatown we know!

This initiative offers its participants an array of interesting adventures, talents, stories, and insider knowledge in the nooks and crannies of our neighbourhood. Conceptualised by our Social Work interns and created through neighbourly relationships with the residents of this place (after all, we are a social enterprise situated within a rental estate), we also run Chinatown town walks with fellow students and professionals. 

Ready to go for this walk? Just so you know, it will not be the usual touristy Chinatown tour!

hello chinatown initative by a social enterprise flower shop


More Ways We Make a Difference

community outreach initiative by a social enterprise flower shop

Community Outreach

Since 2014, together with Yong En Care Centre and other volunteers, staff and interns from Hello Flowers! have been distributing food to the Yong En Care Centre service users residing in the Chin Swee neighbourhood once a month. 

Through food distribution sessions, we get to build relationships with the residents at Chin Swee, whether they are elderly couples or young families.

We hope to build a community where we care and look out for one another and always love a good makan session with the folks!

Kins by Hello Flowers!

With the objective to create a space where women from all backgrounds can participate meaningfully in society, Kins by Hello Flowers! was formed.

Through this programme, we equip these ladies with crafting and entrepreneurial skills — with the help of social service agencies in the community. By forming a sustainable cooperative that offers participation and empowerment opportunities for women from challenging backgrounds, they are able to work without discrimination and labels.

This initiative is fully conceptualised and funded by the proceeds of the Kins products, supplemented by the sales from our flower shop — our bouquets, weddings and events.

bouquet from a flower shop in singapore
bouquet of roses from a social enterprise flower studio

For Students


At Hello Flowers!, we see the value in our young people today — much like how we see the beauty in all of the little buds in our flower shop! We recognise the importance of raising the next generation and it is our joy to share our knowledge with them.

Our Internship Programme has already onboarded several students in the past few years. As a social enterprise in Singapore, we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with the National University of Singapore (NUS). As part of their field placements, Social Work students are exposed to the art of floristry, the workings of a social enterprise and social work in the context of a larger community.

Meanwhile, students from other fields, such as Communications and New Media, who had expressed interest in Hello Flowers!, have also completed internship hours with us — contributing their skills to our social enterprise work and learning along in the process.

Be part of Our Story

Let us know!

Think there’s a community out there that can benefit from our floral therapy offerings? Feel free to get in touch with us, we would love to spread the joy of crafting flowers!

Join Our Cause

We’d love for you to join us in spreading joy and happiness in whatever way you feel you are called —  whether it’s through your purchase of our products, volunteering, or connecting us to like-minded groups, individuals or other social enterprises!