DIY Dried Flower Bar

Let your guests channel their inner florists as they make their own arrangements from our selection of dried flowers.

preserved and dried flower bouquet
dried flower arrangements


Experience Flowers Further

Hello Flowers! will provide you with the materials for your guests’ creations, including your choice of flowers and colour themes.

A wonderful way to bond with friends and families for bridal showers and wedding receptions, our dried flower bar can also be the ideal addition to your corporate event.

It’s just like a candy bar from Mother Nature.

How our dried flower bar works:

As a florist, we know there’s joy in crafting these beautiful flowers in your own special way. Here’s how we can help you create an unforgettable experience through dried flowers:

wedding flower bar

We set it up

We provide a selection of 10-15 different types of dried flowers, depending on your budget.

pale pink and white flower bouquet

Choose the flowers

Guests pick out the flowers they like and design their own arrangements. Our florists will be onsite to help out.

essential oils for dried flower arrangements

Choose the scents

Essential oils will be provided. Guests can spray their dried flowers with their own essential oil spray blend.

Floral Bar with Dried Flowers

What is dry flower?

There are various methods for preserving fresh flowers. Placing them face down and allowing them to dehydrate naturally is likely the most common way. After they are entirely dry, they may undergo a colouring and setting process to restore a portion of their original appearance.

Dried Flowers Singapore

Why dried flower bars?

Lasts Longer

Compared to fresh flowers, dried flowers last longer, so you can enjoy them at home for a longer time. Our process guarantees us the best colouring and quality preservation that captures the flowers’ natural beauty.

Scented with Essential Oils

The dried flower arrangements are scented with essential oils, so they are non-toxic, and you reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Our essential oils are 100% pure, and responsibly sourced directly from producers.

Custom Choices

Make your DIY flower bar even more special with your choice of jars and the option to use customised labels. Send us a message so we can talk about your vision for the jars and label designs.

Sustainable Option

All of our flowers are preserved using an eco-friendly and sustainable method, with the goal of sourcing them from the nearest geographical sources in order to limit their carbon footprint during transport.

Multifunctional Decor

Aside from brightening the room as a decoration, dried flowers can be used to scent your space. The essential oil blends you’ve chosen can go a long way in making your living spaces smell amazing.

Floral Bar Singapore

As more than just a florist brand, we recognise the therapeutic effect of flowers and nature — and our DIY Dried Flower Bar is just another way of sharing our love of flowers with others.