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We aim to create spaces where women from all backgrounds can participate meaningfully in society without discrimination and labels.

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A Cooperative for Women

Empowering through Flowers!

Kins’ Mission is to form a sustainable cooperative that offers participation and empowerment opportunities for women from challenging backgrounds.

As part of our cause, we aim to empower local women from challenging backgrounds in a holistic manner. Through our programme, we work with social service agencies in our community to equip these ladies with crafting and simple entrepreneurial skills.

What distinguishes us from other training programmes is the understanding of their household circumstances, which allows us to tailor our interactions with them. With these new skills, we envision that they can earn extra income through the sale of their craft, which can then be used to supplement their daily expenses and support their dreams.

3rd year in running, kins has seen 20 women crafters graduated from the programme. After graduating from the programme, crafters choose the craft that they have the most affinity with and make it their product to sell. The crafters testify that on top of providing an avenue for them to earn extra income, creating and curating the products to sell has a therapeutic effect on them.

This programme is fully conceptualized and funded by the proceeds of the Kins products, supplemented by the sales of our bouquets, weddings and events.

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