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Valentine's 2017

Valentine's // when there is love

Valentine's // when there is love

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Something fearless and organic? A refreshing alternative to flowers? This might be it! You can even get your date to replant them! They make cute home and office decor!

This bouquet also comes with a customized postcard from the collaboration between Kins by hello flowers! & Kristen Kiong. Read on for more information (:

As pictured is our large bouquet measures approx 15". Regular bouquet measures approx 12".

This bouquet is only available from Sat 11 February - Tuesday 14 February.

Orders for deliveries/collections close 2 days before deliveries/collection date. 

About Kins by hello flowers!

Kins by hello flowers! is our new social programme aim to empower ladies from lower income families who are unable to work/ hold full-time employment due to to caregiving, health issues or other barriers to work.

Through this programmes, we will equip the ladies with different skills (i.e. floral arrangement, jewelry-making, sewing, handicraft, etc) and give them a platform to sell and earn additional income. 

This Valentine's Day, Kristen from (@kristenkiong) taught 2 of our ladies to do some water colouring and galaxy painting. The card's watercolour illustrations are done by our ladies and accentuated by Kristen's lettering.

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