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Our SOcial Initiatives

A huge reason why we work so hard to sustain and run Hello Flowers! is ensure that we can use our funds to sustain the different passion projects that we have for the community!

On top of providing employment and on-job trainings for ladies referred by the social service agencies, we also partner different communities to use to flowers to inspire, spread cheer and also raise funds.


TTSH Community Fund

In our first series of “Flowers with a Cause”, we raised funds for the Tan Tock Seng Community Fund to be used for the Therapeutic Horticulture workshops at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

For better patient-centred care, a therapeutic horticulture programme is being offered at the Communicable Disease Centre of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Unlike other patient support groups which are targeted for patients in specific medical disciplines, the community horticultural activities are open to all patients, as well as their family members/friends. They believe that this can improve the experience of care, and enhance our objectives of:

  1. Creating a positive community atmosphere and an opportunity for peer support, as well as

  2. Allow participants to learn practical skills through gardening.

On top of raising funds, we also conducted a pro-bono floral workshop with 10 patients with HIV over at the Communicable Disease Centre. We had a lot of fun arranging flowers together (:



New Life Stories

Through Mother’s Day till end July, we also raised funds for the New Life Stories through our flowers with a cause.

New Life Stories is a non profit that supports children of incarcerated mothers. They provide children with essential educational skills namely reading and pro‐social skills. This ensures they aren't left behind in the crucial early years of their development. Their holistic approach extends to their incarcerated mothers too. We continue to work with mothers and their children after incarceration.  Thus ensuring each child receives vital educational assistance while their mother is supported during her frequently‐stressful reintegration into society. Together, mother and child are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and chart a more positive future.


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